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    Are You Emotionally       Ready To Retire?

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Trying to decide the right time to retire can be one of the hardest decisions a person ever has to make. Finances aside, this book is about being emotionally ready.

In this book, you'll learn what Lessard learned when she interviewed over two hundred people about their retirement experiences , the positives, the regrets and their advice. 

This book contains chapters on how the happiest retirees became that way, how they prepared for the big day and what decisions they made. Were they happier retiring with their spouse or before, how did they switch from the daily grind to 24/7 leisure and a number of secrets they discovered that readers might find surprising.

Sprinkled with a bit of humor, this short read promises to be informative as well as delightful.

Crimson Cloak Publishing Company is currently planning a spring release of Beverly Lessard's book, "Are You Emotionally Ready To Retire".  Be ready to pick it up and you may just find you are ready to retire!

  These At Last Are The               Good Old Days

Crimsom Cloak Publishing Company is currently preparing a book for fall 2018 release titled: "These At Last Are The Good Old Days".

This book contains a number of Lessard's slice of life stories specifically aimed at the Baby Boomer Generation, though the book promises to give insight into the joys of aging that might appeal to all generations.

Watch for further information about the book's release date as well as where the book can be purchased.
 Space reserved for the book cover
Beverly Lessard is currently working on a book titled, "Ain't Life Grand". The book documents memories from people of all ages of their grandparents as well as stories from those who have recently become grandparents. The book is peppered with quotes from famous people, recipes, games and of course, short stories from the author pertaining to her experiences both as a grandchild and a grandparent.

Books in Progress

​​Lessard continues writing her slice of life stories which hope to find a home either in a fifth self-published book or possibly a third book by Crimson Publishing Company.

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