The first of Lessard's four self-published books, ​​​​​​​Relentlessly Upbeat consists of fifty true slice of life stories ranging from raising children and grandchildren to adventures on the golf course to wrestling her garden back from the groundhogs. While her books might appeal more to her baby boomer generation, all ages will find the humor in the way she writes about her every day events. 

I just love this author's writing. I have several of her books and have just purchased another. She is warm, funny, and real. I recommend her to other readers who enjoy warmth, humor, and humanity.      Booqueaholic

Relentlessly Upbeat is a collection of stories that, although based on Beverly's true life experiences, will resonate in the hearts of its readers. She puts into words descriptions of some of life's universal themes. Some are humorous in nature, others are sentimental and heartwarming. No matter what stage of life you are in, you will find words of wisdom and understanding within these pages. This book is a gem and I thoroughly enjoyed it.      amazon customer

If you are a mother,grandmother or have a husband, you just have to read this book. Beverly brought me back in time when my kids were young and we experienced the same situations. But mine never seemed as funny till I read this and now I laugh out loud thinking back. She puts such a funny spin on everyday events in the lives of our families. One of my favorites is Becoming a Grandparent is so Great. It's hilarious! I am looking forward to her next book!     Pat

Relentlessly upbeat but never so sweet that she's sticky. You will see your own life reflected in the mirror of Bev's prose and will smile at the recognition. Her stories are home-spun and well knitted with insight and whimsy, and they will warm your heart. Relentlessly upbeat, thoroughly enjoyable, and positively helpful.  Russ P.

Halfway into the book I felt like I was sitting on the couch with Beverly's family, holding one of her grandchildren, watching a football game. I normally don't watch football, but I loved being there, being a part of her world. This book is a find. You will not be disappointed.   Anne A.

Beverly Lessard writes about her everyday life experiences with humor and poignancy. I found myself either laughing, nodding as to say "been there, done that" or on the verge of tears and looking for a tissue. She is the Erma Bombeck of this century! I highly recommend this book to anyone. MJH

Beverly has taken many of her very popular weekly newspaper columns and put them in one delightful book. You will enjoy reading funny snapshots of Bev's life as a wife, grandmother and friend..and perhaps reflect a bit on life as well. A perfect gift to give yourself and friends !     Peggy B.

Bev is a down to earth person. This books reflects real life. You laugh, you cry, and can identify. When you are done, you wish the book was longer.  JMcm

  1. More upbeat stories to bring on some smiles, chuckles and even a few tears.
    Title 1
  2. Cover design by one of Lessard's granddaughters. She read the first story and drew a picture to go with it.
    Title 2
  3. More artwork by another granddaughter. Lessard has lots more grandchildren so more books to come. Everyone of them wants to design a cover.
    Title 3